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North Rim Lodge one of Grand Canyon's top 10 hotels

Top 10 Grand Canyon Hotels

Check out the top ten hotels in Grand Canyon National Park and the gateway communities nearby. Whether you're going to the South Rim, North Rim or hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon there's a lodging option for you.

1. El Tovar Hotel

Hance Rapid Grand Canyon NPS photo by Carl Bowman

101 Things to do at the Grand Canyon

Everyone loves a good 101 Things to Do Guide, so we thought we’d post our eBook on the Grand Canyon Guru blog. Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas are huge and you could spend a lifetime exploring them, but with this guide you’ll get a head start.  From tours and hotels, to in depth information for more independent travelers the Grand Canyon Guru will enlighten your Grand Canyon adventure. We hope you enjoy learning more about the world’s grandest canyon!

The Best Activities

Grand Canyon Christmas photo by Michael Quinn NPS

A Grand Canyon Christmas

While most people stay home for the holidays, there are some die hard travelers that want to spend Christmas in their National Parks. Many parks are difficult to visit during the winter months or have limited access due to road closures and weather. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is not only open, but there are some great activities to enjoy while on your winter vacation. From the Polar Express to a backcountry Christmas at Phantom Ranch you’re sure to have a happy holiday at Grand Canyon National Park.

Polar Express