Grand Canyon West Rim Hotels

West Rim Hotels

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. There is no lodging at the Skywalk, but Hualapai Ranch Cabins are nearby. The Skywalk is not part of Grand Canyon National Park and is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Grand Canyon West is a long drive from other Grand Canyon destinations and many of its visitors fly or take other tours from Las Vegas. The western Grand Canyon is also where you'll find Havasu Falls. The Havasupai Lodge in Supai Village is only a 2- mile hike from the amazing waterfalls of Havasu Canyon. Read the guide below to learn more about West Rim lodging options.

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West Rim Hotel Options

Hualapai Lodge

The Hualapai Lodge is in the town of Peach Springs, Arizona a short Drive from Seligman. The Hualapai Lodge is the where one-day whitewater rafting trips through the Grand Canyon depart. Learn more about the Hualapai Lodge.

Hualapai Ranch Cabins

The closest lodging to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the Hualapai Ranch Cabins offer an old west feel and activities like horse rides, a wild west show and chuckwagon dinner along with basic lodging.

Havasupai Lodge

The Havasupai Lodge is one of only two hotels inside the Grand Canyon (Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park is the other). Located on the Havasupai Reservation in Supai village the lodge is 2 miles from Havasu Falls. Learn more about the Havasupai Lodge.

Bar 10 Ranch

The Bar 10 Ranch is a rustic lodge in the far Western Grand Canyon off the North Rim. This working ranch has access to the Colorado River and offers lodging for river rafters. Learn more about the Bar 10 Ranch.

Seligman Hotels

Seligman Arizona offers several hotel and lodging options near the West Rim for visitors heading to Havasu Falls or Diamond Creek for a one-day Grand Canyon rafting trip on the Hualapai Reservation. Learn more about Seligman, AZ.

Meadview Hotels

Meadview is a small town next to Lake Mead on the way to Grand Canyon West. Aside from Hualapai Ranch Cabins, this is the closest lodging to Grand Canyon West and the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Learn more about Meadview, AZ.

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