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Pack your bags and travel with confidence, knowing you had the Grand Canyon Guru design the perfect custom Grand Canyon experience.

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Get a customized itinerary and quote designed by our Destination Experts! Your Self-Drive Tour is a hand-crafted journey designed specifically for the way you like to travel and includes the support you need for a unique and hassle-free experience. You'll be able to review and update this itinerary with your Destination Expert until we have crafted the perfect trip and we'll take care of all the booking and logistics for you. If you're ready for a bespoke journey designed just for you, sign-up for our Self-Drive Tours today and you're one step away from booking your hand-crafted Southwest Adventure!

Sign-up for our Self-Drive Tour Package: $50 One-Time Fee for Custom Itinerary and Quote

  •  Free consultation with the Guru, no credit card required
  •  Custom Hand-Crafted Self-Drive Tour Itinerary
  •  All Inclusive Quote for your Self-Drive Tour Package
  •  Destination Expert with extensive experience
  •  Professional Trip Support and Booking Services
  •  Custom App for your Itinerary/Guide
  •  Private Trip Review sessions with your Destination Expert
  •  Insider tips, local knowledge, and bespoke recommendations
  •  Unlimited email, phone, and text support from Grand Canyon experts
  •  A private guide can be added to a Self-Drive Tour for an additional fee
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Small Group Adventures

Have the Grand Canyon Guru find the perfect small group tour for your Grand Canyon adventure.

Self-Drive Grand Canyon Tours

Self-Drive Tour Design

Work with our Professional Trip Designers to create a custom Self-Drive Grand Canyon vacation.

DIY Grand Canyon Tour

DIY Adventure Planning

Grand Canyon Guru’s self-guided itineraries will help you plan the ultimate DIY road trip.

Private Grand Canyon Tours

Custom Private Tour Design

Have our Destination Experts design a hand-crafted private tour for a fully guided Grand Canyon experience.

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