Grand Canyon Transportation Guide

Grand Canyon Transportation

Most people coming to the Grand Canyon will be flying into one of the 3 nearby airports. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the closest major airport to the Grand Canyon, but Flagstaff (FLG) is a smaller international airport is only 1.5 hours from the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Las Vegas is a hefty drive to the South Rim, but McCarran International Airport is closer to the West Rim and North Rim than to the more popular South Rim and Grand Canyon Village.

There are several methods to get to the Grand Canyon, either from a nearby airport, or driving with your own vehicle. The South Rim has the most options including shuttles, tours from outlying cities, a train, and even a few flights.  The North Rim has a seasonal shuttle that runs once a day, and certain tours also include transportation. That being said the best way to see Grand Canyon National Park without restriction is to have your own vehicle or rent a car when you fly into a nearby airport. Read the guide below to learn more about Grand Canyon area transportation.

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How to get to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Address and Directions

Because the Grand Canyon is so large, there is not one specific address for the canyon. The Grand Canyon is broken up into the South Rim, North Rim, West Rim and East Rim and includes the National Park, National Forest, Tribal Lands and National Monuments. To get a specific address go to our Grand Canyon Addresses and Directions  page.

Grand Canyon Maps and Locations

With over a million acres, hundreds of acres of roads and a ton of amazing destination nearby, getting good maps and directions is key to a successful trip. Get ready for you Grand Canyon adventure by getting detailed Location and Maps.

Airports near the Grand Canyon

There are 3 major airports that Grand Canyon visitors generally use for their trip. Depending on what part of the Grand Canyon you'll visit, Flagstaff Arizona, Phoenix Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada are the airports with the best prices and flight selections as well as the most convenient locations. Learn more about Airports near the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park Shuttles

Once you get to Grand Canyon National Park there's a great shuttle on the South Rim and a North Rim shuttle bus as well. Although this is a good way to explore Grand Canyon National Park, it can be a bit confusing. There are also limited shuttles and buses that bring visitors to the park and go between the South and North Rim of the canyon. Learn more about Grand Canyon Shuttles.

Buses, Taxi & Charter Services

There are several Charter Services in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Sedona that you can hire to take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. No public buses go to Grand Canyon National Park, but Greyhound does go as far as Flagstaff, AZ. It is possible to get a taxi from Flagstaff to the South Rim, but it will cost you.  If you’re heading to the South Rim there is a 24-hour taxi service that will take you to or from various South Rim locations and Tusayan.  Learn more about Grand Canyon Buses, Taxi & Charter Services.

Grand Canyon Roads and Conditions

Find out which roads to use to get to your Grand Canyon destination and get up date information on road conditions in Grand Canyon National Park. Learn more about Roads and Conditions.

Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway goes from Williams, Arizona to Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim.  The train ride is actually a tour, but if you like trains and don't want to make the 45-minute drive from Williams this is certainly an option.

Grand Canyon Flights

Most visitors traveling to Grand Canyon National Park will be heading to the airport at some point during their trip. Because of the size and distance of the Grand Canyon getting the right flight to the right airport will help you save time and money. Find out more about where to fly into for your Grand Canyon trip and how to find the best deals on Grand Canyon flights.

Grand Canyon Rental Cars

Having your own car is by far the best way to explore the Grand Canyon. Although the park has a good shuttle system at the South Rim and shuttles at the North Rim everything in-between is difficult to access and public transportation to the park is limited. Find out where to rent and get the best deals on Grand Canyon Area Car Rentals.

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