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Tuweep and Toroweap Point Grand Canyon

Tuweep Grand Canyon

Tuweep, also known as Toroweap is one of Grand Canyon National Parks least visited places.  Located off the North Rim of the western Grand Canyon the closest towns are Fredonia, AZ and Kanab, UT.  Named after the Toroweap formation in Toroweap Valley, it is mostly sagebrush and high desert on the drive to the rim of the Grand Canyon. Off the main dirt road is a maze of side roads with access to remote destinations along the North Rim and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument.  This is also how you access the Bar Ten Ranch, a little know Dude Ranch that is typically used by River Rafting companies who fly their clients in from Las Vegas to raft the lower Grand Canyon.

Once you arrive at Tuweep, a lone Ranger Station that is totally self-sustained occupies this desolate, yet beautiful landscape. Water is scarce here and even the Ranger Station uses a rain catchment system or hauled water to supply their needs. Nestled at 4,600 feet in elevation, the West Rim’s open plains meet the rim and offer raw and beautiful views of Grand Canyon National Park and Tuweep's rugged landscape. Read the guide below to learn more.

Tuweep Destinations and Services

Be safe if you travel to this remote area: There are 60 miles of dirt road between this destination and the nearest pavement outside Fredonia, AZ. No services, including gas, water or food are available at Toroweap or the 60 miles of dirt road on the way. Play it safe and make sure you’re prepared if you plan on visiting this remote area.

Toroweap Point

A spectacular and frequently photographed vista of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River below, Toroweap Point is a remote and amazing Grand Canyon destination.

Tuweep Campground

Among the activities in this area is the Tuweep Campground, which sits a-top a layer of beautiful red sandstone, and offers some amazing vertical views of the Colorado River below.  This is a great remote site for Grand Canyon explorers looking for a campground outside of the summer season when temperatures are extremely hot and uncomfortable.

Lava Falls Trail

Slightly west of the Campground is the Lava Falls trail.  Don't be fooled by the short mileage of this route, it is one of the Grand Canyon steepest trails.  This route leads down to the Colorado River, and to Lava Falls one of the Canyons largest and most challenging rapids.  As the name states, there is lava rock everywhere on this trail from the volcanic activity that used to be common in this area, and created Lava Falls. 

The Esplanade

If you want to get away from it all, especially in the cooler seasons, Tuweep offers a remote landscape absent of visitors and full of wilderness.  For the experienced Grand Canyon hiker, there is the Esplanade Trail, and several other routes into the Canyon which are known for their isolation and rare polychrome pictograph sites. This unique destination is a must for Grand Canyon Aficionados, and modern-day explorers.

Tuweep Hotels, Activities and Services

Take a look at our list of Tuweep Area hotels, tour guides, activities, restaurants, shopping and services on our Map and Listing Guide at the bottom of this page or get even more detailed information by following the links below.


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