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Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging Guide

Grand Canyon Hotels

The Grand Canyon has a wide variety of hotels to choose from and this website has all the information you need to plan your Grand Canyon Vacation.  From the 5 star El Tovar on the South Rim to Phantom Ranch on the canyon floor, there are endless lodging options in and around the park.  Because the Grand Canyon is so spread out and so big, it’s important to do a little research before you book your lodging. Decide what Grand Canyon Destinations you want to visit and what activities you want to do before you reserve your hotel.

The majority of the hotels are located on the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village.  There are also several options in Tusayan, AZ only a few miles from the Park’s South Rim where most visitor spend their vacation.  The North Rim only has one main lodge with several cabins in the Park, and then there is Phantom Ranch, a small lodge located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon only accessible by hiking or mule.  Other Grand Canyon area hotels are located outside of the Park, but many of these are only a short drive to the nearby canyon destinations.  Once you’re set up at your hotel, it's time to explore Grand Canyon National Park. Read the guide below to learn more about Grand Canyon lodging options.

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Grand Canyon Hotel and Lodging Options

South Rim Hotels

The hub of Grand Canyon National Park the South Rim is the place to be.  There are several hotels to choose from, some of which are on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Right outside the park is Tusayan, where there are several other hotels and restaurants. Learn more about Grand Canyon South Rim Hotels.

North Rim Hotels

The North feels a bit more like a park.  Although it is a seasonal destination, there's a lodge on the rim of the canyon and a few restaurants and shops. The North Rim also has amazing vistas and a lot less traffic than its southern neighbor. Learn more about Grand Canyon North Rim Hotels.

West Rim Hotels

Located in the Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Reservation, Grand Canyon West is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and increasingly popular attraction.  There is only one lodging option on the West Rim consisting of cabins near the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Learn more about Grand Canyon West Rim Hotels.

East Rim Hotels

The East Rim or Marble Canyon is located on the eastern boundary of Grand Canyon National Park.  There are three small lodges here and each of them has their own restaurant. This is a great stop en route to the North Rim and the best lodging option for people who are departing on a Grand Canyon rafting trip from Lee's Ferry. Learn more about Grand Canyon East Rim Hotels.

Before you book your Grand Canyon Lodging 

Before you book your Grand Canyon hotel or lodge make sure you ask yourself the questions below. The Grand Canyon and surrounding area is huge and offers a large variety of activities. Make sure you reserve the right lodging in the right place for your trip.

  • What Grand Canyon Destinations will you visit?
  • What Grand Canyon Activities do you want to do on your vacation?
  • When will you travel to the Grand Canyon? The North Rim is closed seasonally, and conditions and weather vary throughout the year.
  • Are hotels outside the park a better option? They have more availability, are generally more cost effective and sometimes closer to other parks and destinations near the Grand Canyon you want to visit on your trip. Tusayan, AZ hotels are on a couple miles from the South Rim.
  • Did you use our trip planning tools? Using our custom suite of trip planning tools is a great way to plan your Grand Canyon Vacation!


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