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Make the most of your Grand Canyon vacation with our free suite of trip planning tools. The Grand Canyon Guru is the best place on the web to plan your trip to Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas. We have tools to find Grand Canyon activities, vacation ideas, Grand Canyon lodging and Grand Canyon tours.  Let the Grand Canyon Guru help you decide where to go, the best time to visit Grand Canyon National Park and even estimate how much your Grand Canyon trip will cost! Find Grand Canyon Vacation and Trip Ideas by using or one of our Grand Canyon trip planning tools, or our Grand Canyon travel guide. Each tool will help you with different parts of planning a Grand Canyon vacation and finding different options for your trip. Check out the summaries below to find the best vacation and trip ideas for your canyon adventure. 

Grand Canyon Trip Planning Tools

The Ask the Guru tool is designed to give you a custom vacation guide for the best canyon adventure possible. By finding out when you will visit the Grand Canyon, what types of activities you like and how long your stay will be, our custom tool will take the guess work out of the planning process and allow you to spend your vacation time enjoying the canyon. Plan your adventure today with the Guru.

Grand Canyon Area Map

Explore the Grand Canyon with our interactive Grand Canyon area map. The size of the canyon and distance between destinations, experiences and services can make trip planning a difficult process. Our custom map allows you to find hotels, tours, activities, services and pretty much any point of interest in the the Grand Canyon area. Start planning your trip today with our Grand Canyon map.

Grand Canyon Trip Cost Calculator

The Grand Canyon Pricetimator will help keep your vacation on budget. Our trip cost calculator will let you select the length of your trip, tours, food, lodging and other options to estimate vacation cost. Figure out your budget before you go and avoid those hidden fees and unexpected costs that can take the fun out of enjoying the world's grandest canyon. 

Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Our free Grand Canyon travel guide gives you 101 options for your Grand Canyon trip. There are so many amazing experiences to have at the canyon and surrounding area, it's not possible to do it all. Whether you're a first-time canyon vacationer or a Grand Canyon veteran this eBook is an awesome free tool to plan your adventure. Get your copy today.

Grand Canyon Blog

Get up to date stories, information and more on our Grand Canyon Guru travel blog. Find the best lodging, discover experiences and read helpful articles on weather, travel and park closures. The Grand Canyon Guru is always ready to enlighten your trip planning process on our Grand Canyon travel blog so you can plan the ultimate Grand Canyon adventure.

Need some extra help? Have our Destination Experts design your trip

Need some help planning your trip, the Grand Canyon Guru is here to help. Our Destination Experts have decades of experience as park rangers and professional guides at the Grand Canyon and nearby parks. Wild Canyon's Tours by Grand Canyon Guru offers a new, modern approach to planning a bespoke canyon country adventure. We work with families, solo travelers, couples, travel professionals and pretty much anyone who wants a hand-crafted Grand Canyon and Southwest experience. Our custom tour quotes will include a hand crafted itinerary, experiences with the best local guides, high quality vetted lodging, recommendations for restaurants and points of interest, and transportation right from the airport so there's no surprise costs. We'll expertly craft your tour to suit the way you like to travel and take care of all the reservations and logistics, so you can have a unique and hassle-free Wild Canyon's adventure! Have our destination experts design your custom tour for an enlightened Wild Canyons Adventure.

Grand Canyon Private Tours

Experience the ultimate Tailor-Made Private Tour to the best Southwest National Parks with a private guide and chartered vehicle for your entire trip.

Grand Canyon Self-Drive Tours

Set out on a Handcrafted Self-Drive Tour that includes all the reservations and logistics, so you can have a unique and hassle-free vacation.

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Hand-Crafted Tours

Hand-Crafted Adventures

Get inspiration for your bespoke adventure by checking out our epic Wild Canyons Tours.

Self-Drive Grand Canyon Tours

Self-Drive Tour Design

Work with our Professional Trip Designers to create a custom Self-Drive Grand Canyon vacation.

DIY Grand Canyon Tour

DIY Road Trip Planning

Grand Canyon Guru’s self-guided itineraries will help you plan the ultimate DIY road trip.

Private Grand Canyon Tours

Custom Private Tour Design

Have our Destination Experts design a hand-crafted private tour for a fully guided Grand Canyon experience.

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