Grand Canyon Scenic Flights and Helicopter Tours

Scenic Flights and Helicopter Tours

From Grand Canyon Village to Las Vegas and everywhere in-between there are scenic helicopter tours and plane flights over the Grand Canyon. Most helicopter tours and flights depart from the Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan near the South Rim. These flights use several different scenic routes over Grand Canyon National Park. There are also a large number of helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West, home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Although exploring the Grand Canyon own your own two feet cost less and get you up close and personal, adding a scenic flight to your Grand Canyon adventure is a once in a lifetime experience.

Grand Canyon Scenic flights give you a unique perspective that only you and local birds are lucky enough to enjoy and can be a highlight of your Grand Canyon Vacation. Although scenic helicopter tours and airplane flights are offered all year-round, the weather windows are best from late spring through early fall. You can check out the Grand Canyon Airport's website for more information on the latest weather and restrictions, but the safest bet is to book your flight from the Grand Canyon, that way you'll enjoy some of the best views in the world no matter what the weather. Aside from scenic helicopter tours and flights the Grand Canyon has a ton of other Grand Canyon Tours to choose from. If you're ready to book a scenic Grand Canyon helicopter or plane flight check out our list of recommended tours for the best birds-eye view of the world's grandest canyon! If you want to learn more about your options keep reading.

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Helicopter Tours versus Plane Flights

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are the most popular scenic flight over the canyon and one of Grand Canyon’s most popular tours. One of the reasons Helicopter Tours over Grand Canyon National Park are so popular is that they offer a more exciting trip and slightly better views (for those with a window seat) than airplanes. Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours are generally a bit more expensive than scenic plane flights, but if you do some research you can find good deals and cheaper prices to help keep prices a bit lower for your Grand Canyon Adventure. 

Grand Canyon Plane Flights

Choosing flights on scenic Grand Canyon airlines will save you money and still give you amazing views over Grand Canyon National Park. Scenic Airplane Flights are a bit safer and a little less adventurous than helicopters so they’re great for visitors who want a less adventurous scenic flight over the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon Airplane Tours offer quite a few options from smaller planes with a bumpier ride, up to larger Twin Otters that are customized for a smoother scenic Grand Canyon flight.

Grand Canyon Rafting

Top Rated Adventure

Get below the rim. Grand Canyon rafting tours are one of our top picks to add adventure to your vacation.

Recommended Helicopter Tours and Scenic Flights

Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Flight

45-minute South Rim Helicopter Flight

Duration: 45 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
from $279 on Viator

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Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour

Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour

Duration: 40 minutes
Rating: 4.6 out of 5
from $159 on Papillon

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West Rim Helicopter Flight and Landing

West Rim Helicopter Flight and Landing

Duration: 30 minuter
Rating: 4.7 out of 5
from $230 on Papillon

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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Scenic Flight

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Scenic Flight

Duration: 40-50 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
from $299 on Papillon

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