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Sedona Arizona to Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Sedona to Grand Canyon 

World renowned for its red rock formations, Sedona is a jewel of the Colorado Plateau and a great place to visit on the way to Grand Canyon National Park, especially for visitors who are coming from Phoenix, AZ. From sandstone spires and picturesque Oak Creek Canyon, to 5-star resorts and vortices Sedona has it all. Named after Sedona Schnebley whose family settled this area, it has changed drastically since the days of Apple Orchards and Sedona's native Sinagua Indian inhabitants. Today's Sedona is filled with established artists, outdoors enthusiasts, and those who enjoy natural beauty.

A tourism driven city, Sedona is filled with shops, restaurants, resorts, spas and people traveling to the Grand Canyon. Sedona has all the necessities one needs, and a surprising amount of cultural activities and amenities.  Along with numerous smaller events Sedona puts on a Film Festival, St. Patrick's Day parade, the Christmas Lights Festival and several musical events each year. A well know mountain biking Mecca, Sedona offers riders a year-round playground.  Sedona is also well known for its 4X4 jeep trails and amazing hikes through Sedona area parks like Red Rock State Park. Oak Creek is a great place to cool off when it's hot, and is stocked with trout for fisherman year-round. Rock Climbing is yet another activity available in the Sedona area where trad climbs up Sedona's many spires and buttes offer awesome summit views.  Sedona is also known for its many Vortex sites, located at several of the beautiful red rock formations. Read the guide below to learn more.

Sedona to Grand Canyon Travel

Driving Distance from Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon

  • Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon South Rim is 113 miles, a 2-hour 15-minute drive.
  • Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon West Rim is 243 miles, a 4-hour 10-minute drive.
  • Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon East Rim is 156 miles, a 2-hour 40-minute drive.
  • Sedona, AZ to Grand Canyon North Rim is 240 miles, a 4-hour 30-minute drive.

Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona

Sedona's best attraction, is its multitude of outdoor activities, including many tours from Sedona to the Grand Canyon.  Along with guided hikes and mountain biking, Sedona jeep trails have everything from rock crawling to dirt roads leading to ancient ruins. With the Grand Canyon just up the road, several local tour companies offer tours from Sedona to Grand Canyon National Park.  

Best Hotels in Sedona near Grand Canyon

Sedona is known for its upscale resorts and spas that are popular with many tourists on their way to lodging at Grand Canyon National Park. Sedona also offer hotels and lodges that are more affordable for families and budget travelers. Although Sedona is a bit far for a Grand Canyon base camp, it’s attractions make it a great place to stay before you head to Grand Canyon National Park

Best Restaurants in Sedona and on the drive to Grand Canyon

Sedona is a great place to grab a meal on your way to Grand Canyon National Park. The restaurants in Sedona range from 5-star, to wood fired pizza and local breweries. For travelers coming from Phoenix, this is a great place to visit and eat on your way to the Grand Canyon. There are also some great restaurants in Flagstaff and Tusayan on the way to Grand Canyon and restaurants in the park.

Popular Sedona Hotels

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