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Top Grand Canyon Tourist Attraction

Grand Canyon National Park’s Top 12 Tourist Attractions

If you’re looking for some of Grand Canyon National Park’s best tourist attractions check out our list of the 12 most popular Grand Canyon Activities.  From walking the Rim Trail on the South Rim to Walking the Skywalk in Grand Canyon West our list of Grand Canyon’s top 12 tourist attractions will set you on the right path for an amazing experience when you visit the canyon!

The Top 12 Tourist Attractions

1. Grand Canyon Viewpoints and Scenic Drives

Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions

The Complete List of Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions

This post has a complete list of tourist attractions for Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding area. We’ve included activities for all seasons and all types of visitors, whether your trip is for several hours or several days. The attractions are broken up into relaxing and more adventurous activities so you can find attractions that best suit you on your Grand Canyon National Park Vacation.

Grand Canyon’s more relaxing Tourist Attractions

The Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Summer Vacation Survival Guide

When is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon? For many, the answer to this very popular question is the summer season. After all the kids are out of school, you’ve got vacation saved up and the weather is great?! Well the truth is the Grand Canyon is a year round park and every season has something different to offer.