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Grand Canyon Tours

Any place as popular as the Grand Canyon with an endless variety of activities is sure to have a great selection of tours.  Whether you’re a first-time canyon visitor, or a seasoned explorer a professional tour guide can really make your Grand Canyon experience one you won't forget.  From a South Rim bus tour from Las Vegas, to a mule ride on the Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park offers an awesome variety of guided tours. Grand Canyon Mule Rides give visitors a wild west experience, while Grand Canyon Helicopter flights offer both excitement and stunning views.  Popular treks like a Rim to Rim hike, and Colorado River Rafting through the Grand Canyon are highly rated by hikers and rafters worldwide. For those looking for something a little more relaxing and educational there are various Ranger Talks available for free throughout Grand Canyon National Park.  If you're in need of a place to stay during your trip, check out Grand Canyon Hotels and Lodging.

Tours start from Grand Canyon Village and Tusayan, as well as Phoenix, Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, Las Vegas and other nearby cities and National Parks. The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is the most popular Grand Canyon destination for guided tours and offers the largest number of Grand Canyon Tours. The North Rim is the quiet-side of Grand Canyon National Park, but it’s not short on adventure and offers some great tour and activities. Grand Canyon Tours from the West Rim focus on the Skywalk and Grand Canyon West. Tours to Havasu Falls are also popular West Rim Tours. The East Rim of the Grand Canyon also known as Marble Canyon is where Grand Canyon Rafting Tours start and is a popular base for fly fishing guides. Check out our Grand Canyon Tour Map below for more information on tour locations and local tour operators. Read the guide below to learn more.

List of Grand Canyon Tours

Most Popular Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon Scenic Flights

Scenic flights are one of the Grand Canyons most popular tours, offering scenic helicopter and plane tours over the National Park. There are several companies at the Grand Canyons South Rim as well as Las Vegas. There are also smaller companies in Sedona, Phoenix and other areas throughout the Grand Canyon area. If you want to sit back and get a thrilling birds eye view of the worlds grandest canyon, this is the trip for you. 

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours

The newest sensation at the Canyon is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The glass bridge is a unique way to see the Grand Canyon, and a must see for people traveling to Grand Canyon West. The Skywalk is located on the West Rim on the Hualapai Indian Reservation several hours from Grand Canyon National Park. Visitors can drive there themselves or take one of several scenic tours from Las Vegas. 

Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Enjoy amazing Grand Canyon vistas in comfort with a bus tour along the Grand Canyon’s rim. Tours in comfortable coach buses are available from Las Vegas, Phoenix and the South Rim. There are also tour guides based in Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona and Phoenix that offer one-day shuttle bus and van tours with round-trip transportation. For those of you coming from Las Vegas several coach bus tours offer multi-day trips to Grand Canyon National Park. 

Grand Canyon Imax

The most watched Imax in history isn’t as good as the real thing, but it’s a great movie to check out for visitors with some extra time. Located in Tusayan, AZ near the South Rim the Grand Canyon Imax is a great way to relax after a long hike.

Grand Canyon Eco Tours

Grand Canyon Eco Tours make up a huge variety of tours at Grand Canyon National Park and nearby attractions. These tours have smaller groups sizes and often get off the beaten path where guides lead short hikes and drive to less visited vistas. 

Classic Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon Train Ride

The Grand Canyon Railway is a Grand Canyon Train Ride that actually drops you off in Grand Canyon National Park. The railway was one of the historic routes into Grand Canyon National Park, and if you’re into trains there’s no better way to get to the Canyon. Starting in Williams Arizona the train is a great way to spend the day or make an overnight stay with lodging at one of the parks hotels. There are several different classes to choose from, and a mock train robbery really adds to the wild west experience. 

Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Hiking the Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Only a small percentage of people hike below the Rim, and you just don’t get to see what the Grand Canyon truly has to offer without taking a walk. Grand Canyon Hiking Tours tours range from short day hikes to multi-day backpacking expeditions. 

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

People have been taking commercial rafting trips down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park for decades. This is not only an exciting adventure it’s the only way to travel through all 277 miles of the Canyon. Grand Canyon Rafting Tours are ranked among the top ten rafting adventures in the world for good reason, and you can choose anything from a one-day rafting trip to a two-week expedition.

Grand Canyon Ranger Programs

One of the parks best educational tours is also free. Park interpretive rangers give talks on everything from geology to California Condors. There are Grand Canyon Ranger Programs inside and outside with various times and themes listed in the Park Guide. You can also talk a short, guided hike or enjoy an interpretive talk at the bottom of the Canyon when you hike to Phantom Ranch. 

Grand Canyon Mule Ride

Looking for a more historic way to travel through the Canyon? Look no further a Grand Canyon Mule Rides will transport you back to the Wild West. Xanterra runs all the mule trips at Grand Canyon National Parks South Rim, as well as the overnight mule trips to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon. If the South Rim trips are booked up, there are also mule rides in the National Forest outside the Park to make sure you get in the saddle. If you’re not visiting the South Rim, you can also hop on a mule at the North Rim or Grand Canyon West. 

Hidden Gems

Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

Grand Canyon Jeep Tours are available at the South Rim, Williams, and Grand Canyon West. A jeep ride is a great way to check out the Grand Canyon's back roads and less traveled areas. Another popular place to go for an exciting jeep ride is Sedona, AZ. 

Grand Canyon Bike Tours

Grand Canyon National Park has some great places to explore on a Grand Canyon Bike Tour. Take a guided tour or rent a bike and ride along the rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Located on the South Rim this is a great activity for your canyon vacation. 

Grand Canyon Skydiving

If you want an adrenaline rush on your scenic Grand Canyon flight, try jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Grand Canyon Skydiving adventures are offered at the Grand Canyon Airpot in Tusayan close the the South Rim. Grand Canyon Skydiving is one of the canyons newest adventures. 

Grand Canyon Photography Tours

If you’re an amateur photographer, or want to improve your photography skills, the Grand Canyon offers several guided photography courses and you can’t get a much better classroom. Check out a Grand Canyon Photography Tour on your vacation.

Grand Canyon Guided Fishing

There's some great Guided Fishing at the Grand Canyon and nearby parks. Fly Fishing at Lee's Ferry right above the Grand Canyon is a popular place to catch a Rainbow Trout, but at 277 miles there are many fishing holes along the Colorado and its tributaries. 


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Grand Canyon Tour from Sedona or Flagstaff

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Grand Canyon Railway Train Tickets

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South Kaibab Trail Day Hiking Tour

Duration: 5-7 hours
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45-minute Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Flight

Duration: 45 minutes
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