Grand Canyon Shopping and Gear Guide

Grand Canyon Shopping

If you're someone who likes to be prepared for your vacation, the Grand Canyon Guru is here to help you plan the best trip possible. Everyone does a little shopping before and after their trip to the Grand Canyon. Find the right maps and gear before your trip for a safe and enjoyable experience. Check out our gear page for recommended gear from experts who live at the Grand Canyon.  Find the right maps and guidebooks so you can map out your trip and be sure not to miss the best the canyon has to offer. Make sure you can prove you actually went to the Grand Canyon with a few souvenirs. Get gifts and collectables for your friends and family, or pick-up a Grand Canyon t-shift to remember your trip. Whatever your need, our Grand Canyon Shopping page is full of reviews, suggestions and just about everything you need before and after your trip. Read the guide below to learn more about shopping, gear and gift options at the Grand Canyon.

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Grand Canyon Guidebooks and Maps

If you’re planning a trip to Grand Canyon National Park or any of the amazing destinations nearby, getting the right maps and guidebooks can make or break your trip. The canyon is made up of many different destinations some of which are remote and do not have cell coverage. Get ready for your trip with the right Grand Canyon Guidebooks and Maps.

Grand Canyon Gear

Make sure you have the right gear for your trip to the Grand Canyon. From hiking boots and trekking poles to sun glasses and hats having the right gear will make your vacation comfortable and stress free. Learn more about our recommendations for Grand Canyon Gear.

Grand Canyon Souvenirs

The Grand Canyon Area has great gift shops for souvenirs and art galleries for visitors who want take home a piece of the local culture. From the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, to nearby cities like Sedona, make sure you pick-up a few reminders of your trip to the world’s grandest canyon. Learn more about Grand Canyon Gifts and Souvenirs.

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Work with our Professional Trip Designers to create a custom Self-Drive Grand Canyon vacation.

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