Grand Canyon Visitor Services Guide

Grand Canyon Services 

Depending on where you are in the Grand Canyon you can have 4-star lodging and dining at your fingertips, or nothing more than a freeze-dried meal that you carried with you in your backpack on a multi-day excursion through one of the Parks awesome trails.  The South Rim offers the widest variety of lodging, restaurants and general services anywhere in Grand Canyon National Park.  The North Rim only has one lodge and some basic supplies like food and gas.  Other area of the Grand Canyon like the West Rim and Marble Canyon also offer lodging and other goods and services.  Places like Toroweap in the western Grand Canyon have nothing more than a campground, and a very isolated Ranger Station for emergencies. This section of the Grand Canyon Guru offers a wide array of information for people traveling to the Grand Canyon and the surrounding gateway cities.  Whether you need a kennel for your best friend, an Imax to take the kids to on a rainy day, a great place for dinner after a long day of exploration, or the nearest mechanic to get your vehicle back on the road the Guru is here for all your Grand Canyon tour and vacation planning needs. Read the guide below to learn more services for your Grand Canyon vacation.

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List of Grand Canyon Services

Grand Canyon Visitor Center

There’s more than one Visitor Center in Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas. Find the closest visitor centers to the Grand Canyon destinations you plan on visiting. Learn more about Grand Canyon Visitor Centers.

Grand Canyon Markets & Groceries

Most Grand Canyon Visitors need to make at least one stop a local market or grocery store to pick-up food or other last-minute items they forgot for their trip. Read more about Markets at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Jobs

If you love the Grand Canyon like we do you may wonder if there’s a way to live and work at the canyon? Luckily there is, and Grand Canyon Guru has all the information you need to find a Grand Canyon Job.

Pets at the Grand Canyon

If your pets are part of your family, you may be bringing them with you on your Grand Canyon adventure. Learn everything you need to know about Pets at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Shopping

Need gear, souvenirs or a new hat for your Grand Canyon visit? Grand Canyon Guru has a complete list of local stores. Learn more about options for Grand Canyon Shopping.

Grand Canyon Transportation

Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas are huge, so having the right transportation and knowing your options will make your trip go a lot smoother. Learn more about options for Grand Canyon Transportation.

Other Grand Canyon Services

All things come up on a vacation and there may be services you need during your trip. From banks and post offices to auto mechanics and churches the Grand Canyon Guru has a complete list of Additional Grand Canyon Services.

Grand Canyon Trip Coaching

Professional Trip Planning

Need help planning your canyon trip? Hire our professional travel advisors or trip coaches.
Grand Canyon Rafting

Top Rated Adventure

Get below the rim. Grand Canyon rafting tours are one of our top picks to add adventure to your vacation.

Grand Canyon Services Photo Gallery

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Small Group Grand Canyon Tours

Small Group Adventures

Have the Grand Canyon Guru find the perfect small group tour for your Grand Canyon adventure.

Self-Drive Grand Canyon Tours

Self-Drive Tour Design

Work with our Professional Trip Designers to create a custom Self-Drive Grand Canyon vacation.

DIY Grand Canyon Tour

DIY Adventure Planning

Have our Professional Trip Coaches answer your questions and help you plan a better adventure.

Private Grand Canyon Tours

Custom Private Tour Design

Have our Destination Experts design a hand-crafted private tour for a fully guided Grand Canyon experience.

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