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Antelope Canyon, AZ to Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon Road Trip

Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona near Glen Canyon NRA, a few hours drive from Grand Canyon National Park making it a great one day or overnight road trip.  A Navajo Tribal Park, Antelope Canyon is only a few minutes from Page, AZ and is the areas second most popular tourist destination next to Lake Powell. The park was created to protect and showcase one of the world’s most amazing slot canyons.  Antelope Canyon is known for its beautifully colored swirling sandstone, and the amazing shafts of light you see when the sun is overhead.  Antelope Canyon is actually two different slot canyons. Upper Antelope Canyon is by far the most visited, mainly because it is a short easy walk along the sandy canyon floor.  Lower Antelope Canyon, which is only about a few miles away, is also breathtaking, but the walk is a little more physically demanding. If you're traveling to the Grand Canyon, including a visit to Antelope Canyon is a great addition to your trip. Read the guide below to learn more about travel from Antelope Canyon to the Grand Canyon, or check out our Antelope Canyon area map to see all the nearby destinations and attractions.

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Travel Information, Tours and Lodging

Driving Distance from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon, AZ

  • Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon North Rim is 128 miles, a 2 hour 30-minute drive.
  • Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon East Rim is 45 miles, a 1 hour drive.
  • Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon South Rim is 151 miles, a 3 hour drive.
  • Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon West Rim is 350 miles, a 5-hour 50-minute drive.

Antelope Canyon Tours & Tickets

The main activity at Antelope Canyon is to hiking through the slot canyon, but there are other great tours nearby to Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend.  Photography is also very popular here, and there are tours designed specifically for photographers. You can check out our recommended tours below, or learn more about all the Grand Canyon Tour options by reading our guide.

Best Hotels near Antelope Canyon 

There are many lodging options as well as RV parks and campgrounds in Page only a few minutes from Antelope Canyon.  Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon NRA are also a few minutes from Antelope.  Camping along the shores of Lake Powell and the NRA is free.  Glen Canyon NRA also has three developed campgrounds.  Rooms in Glen Canyon NRA are available at Wahweap and Bullfrog marinas.  Bullfrog, Wahweap, and Halls Crossing also have RV parks and campgrounds. You can see some popular area hotels below, or check out our Grand Canyon hotel page for options in and around the park.

Area Car Rental Options

Antelope Canyon Car Rentals- There are several car rental agencies in Page Arizona, which is only a few minutes from Antelope Canyon.  You can also pick one up at any major airport you fly into, but making a car rental reservation is a good idea.

Antelope Canyon Shuttles- There are a few companies that offer shuttles to Page from other cities, but local tour companies will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off when your trip to Antelope Canyon is finished.

Closest Airports to Antelope Canyon

The closest airport to Antelope Canyon is right down the road in the city of Page, which has flights to Denver and Phoenix. Flagstaff Arizona has a small airport with daily flights and a drive time of about 2.5 hours from Page. The closest major airports are Phoenix and Las Vegas International Airports, both of which are about 5 hours from Page.

Best Restaurants and Dining Options

There are no services available at Antelope Canyon.  Restaurants and shopping options are available in Page a few minutes away; including a major grocery store and a Wal Mart.  Bull Frog Marina is actually located where Antelope Canyon meets Lake Powell and does have some services.

Weather and Climate

April through October typically have good weather for Antelope Canyon, with spring and fall offering the best climate.  From mid-March through the first week in October the sun is higher in the sky for better lighting.  Temperatures vary greatly with summer highs over 100 degrees and winter lows below freezing. The weather in the canyon itself is generally much cooler than the temperatures out in the desert sun, so be prepared especially if you go early in the morning, or during the cooler seasons.

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Recommended Antelope Canyon Tours and Tickets

Self Drive: Lower Antelope Canyon Ticket from Page Arizona

Duration: 1-2 hours
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
from $57 on Viator

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Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend from Flagstaff, AZ

Duration: 8.5 hours
Rating: 5 out of 5
from $208 on Get your guide

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Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend From Las Vegas, NV

Duration: 16 hours
Rating: 4.8 out of 5
from $299 on Get your guide

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Antelope & Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce & Monument Valley

Duration: 3 days
Rating: 4.8 out of 5
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Popular hotels near Antelope Canyon

Learn More About Antelope Canyon

Whenever you’re are able to visit Antelope Canyon it’s a great place include when your plan your trip to the Grand Canyon. Over 160,000 visitors walk through the mystic corridors of Antelope Canyon each year.  The hours of about 10:30 to 1:30 are when most of the beautiful shafts of light you see get photographed. This is also when the majority of people are there, so if you want a hint of solitude try to arrive first thing in the morning. To visit Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon you must be accompanied by a tour guide and prices start at $57 dollars. 

Environment: Antelope Canyon is only several miles long, and the slots known as upper and lower Antelope Canyon are only a small part of the entire canyon.  Upper Antelope Canyon has a flat sandy floor, while lower Antelope is a little more rugged with several ladders in place to allow visitors in and out without ropes.  Antelope Canyon was formed by water, primarily from flash floods cutting through the Navajo Sandstone, the geologic layer that makes up the slot canyons.  Other forms of erosion like wind and frost-wedging also helped to create the beautiful canyon you see today. The biggest safety concern at Antelope Canyon is flash floods.  In 1997 eleven tourists died in Lower Antelope Canyon from a flash flood created from a storm many miles from the actual site.  Since then the tribe requires all visitors to go with a guide and has implemented several other measures to make the area safer.

Plants and Animals: There is not much plant and animal life in the slot canyons.  Although bugs, bats and the occasional Antelope would take refuge here, a large number of visitors and a lack of sun and water keep most life away.  The Navajo also take a quick walk through each morning to chase out any lingering rattlesnakes.

Antelope Canyon Culture and History: Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Nation, and part of their history.  Antelope Canyon wasn’t discovered until 1931, when a young Navajo girl who was herding sheep in the area found this natural wonder. Her daughter still leads tours in Antelope Canyon today.

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