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Planning Your Trip to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trip Planning

The Grand Canyon is a huge place and it can be difficult to plan a trip here without a little help. Grand Canyon Guru has a ton of great information, free trip planning tools, vacation guides and everything you need to know for planning your adventure. Located in Northern Arizona the Grand Canyon is more than just Grand Canyon National Park. There is the Skywalk in Grand Canyon West, the turquoise waterfalls of Havasupai, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and much more! Venture only a short distance from Grand Canyon proper and you’ll find dozens of other nearby parks and cool towns big and small from Flagstaff, AZ to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Grand Canyon Trip Planning page has information and links to all of the resources you need to research and plan an amazing trip to Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas. Grand Canyon Guru’s custom Trip Planning Tools are a great place to start, or jump in and learn about different destinations, activities, tours and lodging only on the Grand Canyon Guru, the ultimate Grand Canyon trip planning website. Read the guide below to learn more about planning the ultimate Grand Canyon adventure. 

Start Planning Your Trip Today

From activities and restaurants to shopping and weather keep reading to find everything you need to know to plan the ultimate adventure to Grand Canyon National Park and other nearby attractions. Not sure where to start when it comes to planning your Grand Canyon vacation? Try our custom trip planning tools to find trip area maps, trip options, guidebooks and even a basic budget for your canyon adventure. Learn more about our Trip Planning Tools.

Activities, Dining and Events

Grand Canyon Activities

From hiking and rafting to mule rides and scenic flights the Grand Canyon has more tourist attractions than you can shake a stick at!  Our Activities page and trip planner are here to help you figure out what to do on your Grand Canyon adventure. Learn more about Grand Canyon Activities.

Grand Canyon Itineraries

Get some ideas for your Grand Canyon vacation from the Grand Canyon Guru with our amazing hand crafted itineraries curated just for you. From half-day to week long adventures, use these itineraries as a complete guide or just pull some ideas to build your ultimate trip! Check out our Grand Canyon Itineraries page to learn more.

Grand Canyon Restaurants

From five-star to fast food places like the South Rim have a ton of restaurant options, while other areas around the Grand Canyon may have none. Make sure you know where to grab a bite before your trip by checking out our guide to Grand Canyon Restaurants.

Grand Canyon Events

Check out our Grand Canyon events calendar to find all the best Grand Canyon events for your vacation. From the Grand Canyon Music Festival to the Grand Canyon Star Party Grand Canyon National Park has some great activities to enhance your trip. Learn more about Grand Canyon Events.

Services and Local Weather

Grand Canyon Shopping

From groceries and outdoor gear, to local art and souvenirs find out where you can pick-up the things you need during your Grand Canyon adventure on our Grand Canyon shopping page.

Grand Canyon Transportation

Make sure your vacation goes off without a hitch by checking out our transportation page to make sure you get to the right place at the right time. Our transportation guide will help you find the right flights, car rentals, buses, shuttles, taxis and tours. Learn more about options for Grand Canyon Transportation.

Grand Canyon Services

Depending on where you are in the Grand Canyon you can find everything from a 4-star restaurant and a post to no gas, water or food for 60 miles. Check out what Grand Canyon Services are available where on the Grand Canyon Guru. Learn more about Grand Canyon Services.

Grand Canyon Weather Information

The Grand Canyon is not only takes up a huge area, but it also has dramatic changes in elevation.  This mean that the weather and temperature can change a lot during your vacation, depending on where you are in the Grand Canyon and what season you visit.  Learn more about Grand Canyon Weather.


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