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Phoenix Arizona to Grand Canyon Travel Guide

Phoenix to Grand Canyon

Phoenix is the closest major international airport to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.  For most people traveling the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Phoenix is their first stop. One of the fastest growing cites in the Southwest, the Valley of the Sun has pretty much every amenity one could want or need.  Once filled with beautiful orchards and cotton farms, Phoenix is now a metropolitan area with venues for sports, music and other activities to experience on the way to the canyon.  Phoenix also offers some great outdoor activities including golfing, hiking and horseback riding.

Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert, and this is reflected in its climate and weather.  Giant Saguaro Cactuses offer a beautiful backdrop, and popular destinations like Camelback Mountain offer a good way to stretch your legs. Early Spring and late Fall have wonderful weather, and winters are very mild.  The sun is almost always shining in the Phoenix Valley and this includes the summer when temperatures can exceed 116 degrees in the shade, followed by monsoon season in July and August, when impressive thunderstorms turn dry creek beds into raging rivers. Since Phoenix is the same elevation as the bottom of the Grand Canyon, hikers and mule riders will experience the same climate in Phoenix as the will along the Colorado River on the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Read the guide below to learn more.

Phoenix to Grand Canyon Travel

Driving Distance from Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon

  • Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon South Rim is 228 miles, a 3.5-hour drive.
  • Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon West Rim is 263 miles, a 4.5-hour drive.
  • Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon North Rim is 354 miles, a 6-hour drive.
  • Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon East Rim is 268 miles, a 4-hour drive.

Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon Car Rentals

Travelers heading to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix will want a car for transportation, unless they are doing one day tours or other packages from the Phoenix area. There are some public transportation options, but a rental car is much easier and more cost effective. There are car rental companies located at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, so picking up a rental to drive to the Grand Canyon is quick and easy.

Grand Canyon Tours from Phoenix

If you're coming to Phoenix to visit the Grand Canyon there are several Grand Canyon Tours and Vacation Packages that start in the Phoenix Valley and take you to Grand Canyon National Park. Sedona is another popular destination fairly close to Phoenix at about 2 hours and several tour guides include a stop in Sedona on your Phoenix based Grand Canyon Tour.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix and on the drive to Grand Canyon

If you love Mexican and Southwest food, Phoenix is a great place to be. Phoenix also has restaurants for every taste and budget for the traveler heading to the Grand Canyon due to its size and diverse population. For travelers heading to the Grand Canyon, there are also some classic spots to stop on the way in towns like Cave Springs, Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ as well as options for restaurants at Grand Canyon.

Best Hotels in Phoenix near Grand Canyon

Because it’s such a large city, Phoenix Arizona has every hotel option you can image for lodging before your Grand Canyon Adventure.  The Phoenix area is known for 5-star desert golf resorts, but there are also hotels and lodging right at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with affordable rates and options for all types of Grand Canyon travelers it’s a great place to stay before you head up to your Grand Canyon hotel.


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