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Booking the right flight for your Grand Canyon trip is one of the most important decisions you'll make to ensure the best experience possible.  Depending on what part of the canyon you want to visit, when you're going and what your budget is, airlines and destination airports will vary. If you're just looking for sightseeing tours, check out our scenic flights page. You can also find more information about nearby airports on our Grand Canyon airports page. Below you can search different airlines for flights and deals on airfare to airports near Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas.

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Grand Canyon Airport and Airlines

  • Grand Canyon North Rim Flights and Airlines
    The closest international airport to the North Rim is Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. If you’re only going to the North Rim and nearby parks in Southern Utah this is a good airport to fly into.
  • Grand Canyon South Rim Flights and Airlines
    The closest international airport to the South Rim is Flagstaff Pulliam International Airport, followed Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Flagstaff is only served by American Airlines, while Phoenix has all the airline options of a large hub airport. Either of these airports are good options for travelers to the South Rim, which is vast majority of Grand Canyon National Park visitors.
  • Grand Canyon East Rim Flights and Airlines
    The closest international airport to the East Rim and Marble Canyon/Lee's Ferry is also Flagstaff Pulliam International Airport followed by Phoenix Sky Harbor. Most Grand Canyon travelers headed to the East Rim will visit the North or South Rim as well, so the airport you choose will depend on the on the other canyon destinations you’ll visit.
  • Grand Canyon West Rim Flights and Airlines
    Like the North Rim the closest international airport to the West Rim and the Grand Canyon Skywalk is Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Once you reach Las Vegas there are also scenic flights and tours that will take you to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk.
  • Learn more by checking out our complete list of Grand Canyon Area Airports.

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