Grand Canyon Location and Maps

Grand Canyon Location and Maps

People are often shocked to learn how far driving times can be around Grand Canyon National Park, not realizing the distance between various Grand Canyon Destinations. Most people visit the South Rim and Grand Canyon Village, while other visitors choose to travel to the North Rim or Grand Canyon West, home of the Skywalk. Each of these destinations are located several hours form one another and some can be tricky to find without a good map…cell phones don’t work in some parts of the Grand Canyon.

For travelers visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, having the proper maps and researching which locations you want to visit before your trip will help you save a lot of time and energy. Luckily Grand Canyon National Park has some great free maps & guides to help plan your trip and the Grand Canyon Guru includes information and locations for nearby cities and tourist attractions as well as Grand Canyon National Park. Read the guide below to learn more about popular Grand Canyon locations or check our our Grand Canyon map to see all the popular destinations and attractions.

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Where is the Grand Canyon Located?

The Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona, but there is not just one Grand Canyon location. The Grand Canyon is made up of Grand Canyon National Park, as well as National Forest, Tribal Lands and a National Monument. There are 4 major Grand Canyon locations including the South Rim, North Rim, West Rim and East Rim (Marble Canyon). These and other Grand Canyon Destinations are good to be familiar with before your plan your trip.

Driving distances from nearby cities vary greatly. The majority of Visitors head to the South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park’s most popular location. The Canyon is widest and deepest here, offering what many believe are the most spectacular views. The South Rim is about 5 hours from Las Vegas, 4 hours from Phoenix and 1.5 hours from Flagstaff, AZ. The North Rim is located in a more isolated area, and the West Rim is closer to Las Vegas than Phoenix. The South Rim and Grand Canyon West are open all year, while the North Rim is closed from mid-October to mid-May due to snow.

Grand Canyon Map

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List of free Grand Canyon National Park maps and guides

To download the latest version of the free national park maps below go to the parks map page, or to see an interactive map of all Grand Canyon attractions and destination check out the Grand Canyon Guru Map here.

Grand Canyon Area Map: a great map with an overview of Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas.

Grand Canyon National Park Map: a free map of Grand Canyon National Park locations.

Grand Canyon Shuttle Map: a must have tool for navigating your way to locations around Grand Canyon National Park. Learn more about Grand Canyon National Park Shuttles.

Grand Canyon Accessibility Guide: a great accessibility guide for Grand Canyon National Park that lists activities, services and facilities that are ADA accessible.

Grand Canyon South Rim Map: a free map of roads, trails and facilities on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

South Rim Transit Map: this map has various transit options for the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon North Rim Map: a free map of roads, trails and facilities on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park Trails Map: a free map of the major trails at Grand Canyon National Park.

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