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Unknown Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions

Grand Canyon’s Top 10 Unknown Tourist Attractions

 The Top 10 Unknown Attraction's

If you're looking to get away from the same tourist trail every other visitor to Grand Canyon National Park is on, than check out these less popular activities when you visit the canyon. Just because they aren't as popular doesn't mean they are not amazing. Our top 10 unknown attractions list is sure to add some variety you'll love to your trip.

1.      The North Rim

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is open from May 15th through October 15th and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle that is common place on the South Rim.  The North Rim has beautiful meadows and aspen groves, as well as great views in a more laid back setting.

2.      Grand Canyon Fall Colors

Because of its high elevation the North Rim of the Grand Canyon has some beautiful Aspen Groves.  Head up early in the fall season and you can enjoy few other tourists and the amazing gold colors all along the Rim!

3.      Winter at the South Rim

It’s usually sunny at the Grand Canyon, especially during the peak summer season, but there are other sides to this busy tourist destination.  Winter is quiet and usually fairly mild, but there are huge snow storm that blanket the Canyon Rim and turn the park into a winter wonderland if only for a little while.

4.      Grand Canyon Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to learn about the Grand Canyon.  Although you can’t cache physical objects, the park has a virtual geocaching program.  You can download the Earthcache Program from the parks website, or grab a copy when you arrive at the park.

5.      Grand Canyon Fishing

The Grand Canyon has some great fishing, and in particular fly-fishing.  Although you can bring your fly rod or casting equipment any time you'll be by the Colorado River, or one of its larger side canyons like Bright Angel Creek, the Guides and Outfitters are all located near Lees Ferry.  The Grand Canyon has both Rainbows and Brown trout near Lees Ferry and the upper canyon.  If you head further down river on a river trip you'll find striped bass that have been making their way up from Lake Mead, as well as catfish due to the warming water.

6.      Grand Canyon Swimming Holes

You won’t find much water on the Grand Canyon Rim, but for those of you willing to do a longer hike, or multi-day backpack the Grand Canyon has some awesome spots to cool off in the hot desert sun.

7.      Grand Canyon Rock Art

The Grand Canyon Area has a treasure trove of archeological resources including some great pictographs and petroglyphs.  Although most of the locations are not given to the public do a little exploring and you can easily find these links to the past.  Just a few hundred yards down the Bright Angel trail on the cliff faces to your left is a good place to start.

8.      Driving to the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

Most people only get a glimpse of the Colorado River from afar unless they’re lucky enough to hike to the bottom or go rafting, but there are other ways to see the mighty Colorado.  Lee’s Ferry at the eastern boundary of the park has a paved road right to the river and for those of you with a 4X4 you can actually drive through the canyon along diamond creek on the Hualapai Indian Reservation right to the banks of the mighty Colorado.

9.      Grand Canyon National Park Shuttle

Free Grand Canyon shuttles let someone else do the driving for you so you can just soak in the views on your Grand Canyon Vacation. Sure people know shuttles can get you from place to place, but not many visitors take advantage of what equates to a free tour of the entire South Rim!

10.  Phantom Ranch

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon this unique destination is not a ranch at all, but a one of a kind backcountry lodge. Hike or ride a mule to the bottom of the canyon without all the heavy backpacking gear and enjoy a hot meal and a cold beer near the Colorado river in the heart of the Grand Canyon.

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