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Learn about Grand Canyon National Park

Learn about Grand Canyon National Park 

Beyond the awesome visceral experience, a trip to the Grand Canyon offers a classroom that opens up a lifetime of learning. Our educational information on the canyon will create a better experience during your trip to the Grand Canyon, equipping you with knowledge that helps create a closer connection during your visit. From Guided Ranger talks and educational tours, to college level courses of study and advanced scientific research the Canyon is a great place for those of you with a thirst for knowledge and learning.

The Grand Canyon is a hub of geological study, since this natural masterpiece exposes nearly 2 billion years of the earth’s history. From Ancestral Puebloans, to miners and modern-day explorers, the Grand Canyon contains thousands of years of human history and some really cool facts to learn about. The variety of life within the Canyon is yet another gem of scientific study. Grand Canyon National Park has nearly all the life zones found in the whole state of Arizona in a short but steep trip from the rim to the river. Read on to learn more about the canyon and the amazing Grand Canyon destinations you can visit on your adventure. Read the guide below to learn more about the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Classroom

Grand Canyon Facts

Want to learn some interesting facts about the Grand Canyon National Park, check out our Grand Canyon Facts page. Learn more about Grand Canyon Facts.

Grand Canyon Geology

The Grand Canyon is well known as one of the best geologic cross sections in the world. It is the unique geology of the Grand Canyon that make that make it an awe-inspiring destination for visitors and scientists alike. Learn more about Grand Canyon Geology.

Grand Canyon Tribes

The Grand Canyon has a rich cultural history and several tribes that still make the Grand Canyon area home today. Learn more about Grand Canyon Tribes.

Grand Canyon Ecosystems

With nearly a mile of elevation change from the rim to the Colorado River, the diversity of life within Grand Canyon National Park is astounding. From high elevation Aspen groves to Barrel Cactus you will find it in the Grand Canyon. Learn more about Grand Canyon Ecosystems.

Grand Canyon History

The Grand Canyon has a long human history, starting with Ancestral Puebloan hunters and farmers thousands of years ago. From miners to adventures the Grand Canyon is a great place for history buffs. Learn more about Grand Canyon History.

Grand Canyon Art

The Grand Canyon inspires artists from around the world. Whether you like take photos and paint or you’re looking for some original Grand Canyon artwork the canyon will not let you down. Learn more about Grand Canyon Art.

Grand Canyon Wildlife

While most park visitors come to the canyon for its amazing views and awesome activities, the chance to see elk, California Condors and Bighorn Sheep . Learn more about Grand Canyon Wildlife.

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