Grand Canyon Local Art and Artists

Lean About Grand Canyon Art

Painters, writers, photographers, and artists from many disciplines and backgrounds have been inspired by the worlds grandest canyon. This natural masterpiece is a great treasure for all to discover, and a quintessential model for anyone who wishes to capture the beauty of the American west. There are several galleries inside Grand Canyon National Park on the South Rim. There are also great places to find and purchase artwork outside the park in Sedona, AZ and at the Cameron Trading Post in Cameron, AZ. Where ever you go on your Grand Canyon vacation, you're sure to be impressed by the amazing art the Grand Canyon has inspired. Read the guide below to learn more about Grand Canyon art.

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Art Galleries at the Grand Canyon

Kolb Studio

Located along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon Kolb Studio is named after the Kolb Brothers. These early Grand Canyon photographers where know both for their photographs, and for their adventures in the Canyon.  The studio displays different photo exhibits that typically focus on the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau.

Lookout Studio

Although lookout studio is not actually an art gallery it has a great gift shop with artwork, awesome views and one of the best places on the South Rim to look for California Condors.

Hopi House

This Native American Art Gallery has fine art as well a pawnshop for native American art and more modern artwork and gifts.

Tusayan Museum

The Tusayan Ruins and Museum is a great place to look at artifacts and artwork from the original inhabitants of the Grand Canyon.

Desert View Watchtower

Desert View Watchtower features murals painted by Hopi Artist Fred Kabotie. The entire interior of the watchtower is full of these amazing murals as well as gifts, artwork and displays by modern day native American artists.

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