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 Grand Canyon Facts 

Want to learn some interesting facts about the Grand Canyon, check out our Grand Canyon National park facts page. From fun facts for kids, to facts and information to help you plan your trip, has you covered with an in-depth list of popular Grand Canyon Facts and Information. Doing a bit of research before you travel to Grand Canyon National Park will help you experience a better during your Grand Canyon travels. Learn more by reading out our list of twenty four popular Grand Canyon facts below.

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List of Cool Grand Canyon Facts

  • The Grand Canyon began forming ten million years ago with the beginning erosion of the Colorado River.
  • Grand Canyon National Park is 1,218,375 acres
  • The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and 5000 feet deep.
  • The Canyons Minimum width: 600 feet at Marble Canyon
  • The Canyons Average width: 10 miles
  • Minimum width of Colorado River: 76 feet
  • Average width of Colorado River: 300 feet
  • Maximum depth of the Colorado River: 85 feet
  • Average depth of river: 40 feet
  • Number of rapids in the Grand Canyon: 160
  • The Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona
  • Grand Canyon is located at Latitude 36, Longitude -112
  • The Grand Canyon was established as a forest preserve in 1892
  • The Canyon became a national monument in 1908
  • The Grand Canyon was designated a national park in 1919
  • The Grand Canyon has five of the seven life zones and three of the four desert types in North America.
  • Over 1,500 plants, 287 bird, 89 mammalian, 47 reptile, 58 amphibian, and 17 fish species are found in the park.
  • Grand Canyon is located at Latitude 36, Longitude -112
  • Total miles of trails in the park: 400
  • Number of miles of roads: 355
  • Number of known archaeological sites within the park: 2,700
  • Number of Indian reservations in the Grand Canyon: 3 (Havasupai, Hualapai, Navajo)
  • Endangered wildlife species: 3 (bald eagle, peregrine falcon, humpback chub)
  • Endangered plant species: 2 (Brady pincushion cactus and sentry milkvetch)

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