Grand Canyon Skydiving Adventure

Grand Canyon Skydiving

If you’ve always wanted to go skydiving or you want to go again there’s not many drop zones that are more scenic than the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon Skydiving offers tandem skydiving at the Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ only miles from the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Tandem skydives mean you’ll be attached to a professional skydiving instructor and take a brief training before you exit a perfectly good airplane for an adrenaline based Grand Canyon experience. Grand Canyon Skydiving offers free fall and a scenic Grand Canyon flight all in one amazing experience. Read the guide below to learn more about skydiving on your trip to Grand Canyon National Park.

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Grand Canyon Skydiving Overview

For the thrill seeker who want to go skydiving at the Grand Canyon there are some great options to choose from. Not only can you go skydiving, but you can choose to include photos and videos to record your trip and prove you had the courage to skydive over the Grand Canyon to your friends and families. Transportation and tour packages are also available from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Airport for your extreme canyon adventure. If you're ready to make the leap, check out our recommended skydiving adventures and Grand Canyon activities.

This new Grand Canyon adventure is a very unique experience for the Grand Canyon and for skydiving in general. Most drop zones are in flat low lying areas that don't usually have dramatic world class scenery. Flying high above the Grand Canyon you'll soak in amazing vistas of Grand Canyon National Park and check off a bucket list adventure when you and your instructor take to the sky for this adrenaline based tour. Because this is a tandem skydive you can let your instructor take care of technical aspects of your skydive and you can enjoy the adrenaline rush and awesome vistas of the world's grandest canyon.

Grand Canyon Rafting

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