Grand Canyon Job and Employment Guide

Grand Canyon Jobs

Can you really get a Job at the Grand Canyon? Do they include housing in Grand Canyon National Park? You sure can and most jobs in Grand Canyon National Park include housing, although it’s not guaranteed. The Grand Canyon Guru has the information you need to get started on your Grand Canyon Job search today. Below you’ll find more information on the different types of jobs and who you can work for at the Grand Canyon. There are also many cities and towns at or near the boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park.  These areas have a lot of service industry-based jobs to support visitors and typically have openings for employment year-round. Read the guide below for more informations and tips on Grand Canyon area job opportunities.

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Employment at Grand Canyon  

Grand Canyon National Park Jobs

Grand Canyon National Park is the largest employer in the Grand Canyon.  Since these are all federal jobs they typically have the highest pay, and the best benefits as well.  All federal jobs are listed on USA Jobs so learning this search engine for Federal Employment is the best way to find a job with the NPS.

Grand Canyon Lodge Jobs

Xanterra Parks and Resorts

The second largest employer in Grand Canyon National Park is Xanterra Parks and Resorts.  Xanterra runs most South Rim Lodging, Phantom Ranch, several stores, the Mule Rides, Train, Bus Tours and several other venues within the Park.

Delaware North

Delaware North operates the Yavapai Lodge, Canyon Market Place and several gift shops within the Park, as well as a few stores in Tusayan.

Forever Resorts

Forever Resorts is the concessionaire for the North Rim lodge and nearly all the stores, restaurants and services in North Rim Village.

Grand Canyon Non-Profit Employment

Grand Canyon Field Institute

GCFI is a non-profit that provides educational tours within Grand Canyon National Park and works directly with the National Park Service.  The majority of their jobs are working as specialized field guides within the park.

Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit that played a major role in the reintroduction the nearly extinct California Condor.  They have several paid and volunteer positions working with the Condor and other Raptors with the Grand Canyon National Park. 

Grand Canyon Trust

A non-profit based in Flagstaff, AZ the GC Trust have several paid in volunteer position both in and out of the field in the Grand Canyon Area.

Coconino Rural Environmental Corp

CREC helps create jobs throughout Arizona for young Americans.  These are typically outdoor based jobs focusing on Trial Maintenance and other improvements to Outdoor Recreation Areas.

Student Conservation Association

The SCA provides volunteer and internship positions in US National Park and other Public Lands.  While most of these positions only provide housing and a small stipend, some match the seasonal employees performing similar duties.

Tour Companies

From hiking and whitewater rafting, to helicopter flights and leisurely driving tour, the Canyon offers a Grand array or tours, and therefore a lot of jobs in the local tour industry.  Take a look at the tours and tour providers on the Grand Canyon Guru for a list of local Grand Canyon Guides that may have job opportunities.

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