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Colorado River & Inner Canyon

The Colorado River is the beating heart of the Grand Canyon.  Starting at its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, this mighty river flows 1450 miles to the Gulf of California, 277 miles of which flow through the Grand Canyon.  The Colorado is the major tool in the creation of the Grand Canyon, and one of the major sources of life sustaining water for many western states.  Historically the river allowed ancestral puebloan tribes to sustain themselves, by providing vital water in an arid environment.  Today it is the domain of adventures hikers and rafters.  Rafting Trips on the Colorado River are among the best in the world with huge whitewater rapids, stunning scenery, and great side hikes many of which can only be accessed while you are on the river.  Grand Canyon Hikers main goal is usually reaching the Colorado River from the Rim, or even crossing the river via one of two suspension bridges to get to Phantom Ranch or hiking all the way across the canyon from the North Rim to the South Rim.  If you're looking for more information on Colorado River activities check out our Grand Canyon Hiking or Grand Canyon Rafting Pages.

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