Grand Canyon Popular Day Hikes

Grand Canyon Day Hikes

The Grand Canyon area provides some great one-day hikes that allow you to get below the rim and explore the canyon. There are several great options for Grand Canyon day hikes on the South Rim, including South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge, Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs and Bright Angel to Two-Mile Corner. The North Rim also offers excellent day hikes on the North Kaibab trail and other trails along the rim. If you would like a guided day hike, local outfitters offer some great option from the South and North Rim and include meals, transportation and other logistics for you. Whether you want a short walk along the rim, or full day trek the canyon has a day hike for you. Read the guide below to learn more about options for Grand Canyon day hikes.

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Popular Grand Canyon Day Hikes

South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge

Built by the National Park Service for its expansive vistas, the South Kaibab Trail is Grand Canyon Guru's top pick for a Grand Canyon day hike. Sightings of California Condors, 1.7 billion years of geologic history, and the elusive Grand Canyon mule are all part of the day. If this is your first South Rim hike, the Kaibab Trail will reveal images of the Grand Canyon engrained in your psyche since childhood.

  • Round-trip distance: 3 mi/4.8 km
  • Elevation change: 1140 ft/341 m
  • Difficulty: 5 on scale of 1 to 10

Grandview Trail to Coconino Saddle

This rugged trail was built by miners who sought the rich copper deposits found below Horseshoe Mesa.  From Grandview Point this steep trail provides amazing panoramas, and great views of the Colorado River, while the Grandview Fault not only reveals interesting geology, but also helped to produce the many caves that dot this area.

  • Round-trip: 3mi/4.8 km
  • Elevation change: 1,120 ft/341m
  • Difficulty: 6 on a scale of 1 to 10

Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs

If you're looking for a longer hike away from the canyon crowds, this is a great trail. Once the hub of inner canyon travel, this now quiet historic trail leads you by fossil beds and archeological sites to the small riparian oasis of Dripping Springs. Go on a day hike to a different side of the Grand Canyon.

  • Round-trip Distance: 7 mi/11 km
  • Elevation change: 1700 ft/519 m
  • Difficulty: 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 

Tanner Trail to 75-mile Saddle

The Tanner trail starts near Lipan Point, one of the most spectacular view of the Grand Canyon's South Rim.  Eventually making its way to Tanner Rapids and other Canyon trails.  This hike typically goes to 75-mile saddle on this one day adventure.  This is a steep and rugged trail for experienced hikers only, but the rewards are well worth the work.

  • Round-trip distance: 4mi/6km
  • Elevation Change: 1860ft/576m
  • Difficulty: 8 on a scale of 1 to 10

Bright Angel to Two-Mile Corner

The best known Grand Canyon Trail, the BA is a great option for those of you who are looking for an easier, more social trail. Used by Ancestral Puebloans, miners and modern day hikers, this is a trail with history. Ancient pictographs and awesome views are some of the highlights of this Grand Canyon classic.

  • Round-trip distance: 4 mi/6 km
  • Elevation change: 1531 ft/465 m
  • Difficulty: 4 on a scale of 1 to 10

Grand Canyon 1 Day Rim to Rim

From the South Rim, the North Rim is ten miles as the crow flies. This 24-mile hike is one of the Grand Canyons most popular backpacks, but experienced and extremely fit hikers try to take on the rim to rim as a difficult and potentially dangerous one day challenge.  Beautiful North Rim scenery, Ribbon Falls, the Colorado River and Plateau Point are just some of the highlights on this Grand Canyon backpacking trek.  Cottonwood Campground, Bright Angel Campground and North and South Rim trails can all be experienced on this all-inclusive Grand Canyon hike.

  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike in One Day
  • Distance: 24mi/38km (not including day hikes)
  • Elevation Change: 5800ft/1783m

Less Visited Day Hikes

The North Rim's most popular day hikes below the rim follow the North Kaibab trial. There are also some great shorter trails along the rim and more epic day hikes the remote reaches of the North rim.  The East Rim and Marble Canyon also offer some great day hikes near Lee's Ferry and Vermillion Cliffs. The Tuweep Area has a rugged hike to the river and several off-trail routes for experienced hikers. Trails in the Western Grand Canyon are limited, and access can be difficult so be sure to do some research before you venture out this way or go with a qualified guide.

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